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A writer can never have too many ideas floating around her head! Although I write books, I also enjoy creating shorter pieces of writing, which you can read here. You can find how-to advice on creative writing, recent entries to writing competitions and even the first chapter draft of my dragon book which inspired the rest of my novel! 

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5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated While Writing a Novel

Ever found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the project you are trying to complete? This how-to blog post offers my top five tips and tricks for sustaining your creative writing practice for the long haul. 


Summer: The Taste of the Outdoors

A fun, short summery read all about the taste of summer. I submitted this descriptive piece for a Vocal+ Challenge in June 2022. 

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Image by Will Turner


The Assassin's Promise

This first chapter of a fantasy story ended up becoming the inspiration for my dragon novel. Take your sneak peek into the world I am creating here. 

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