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Holly's aim as a writer is to create cosy fantasy stories that are alive with imagination and fun, empowering her readers to live ever more adventurous and joyous lives. 


The Castlian Empire: A Case of Dragons

Publication date: 31 October 2023

A royal murder. Long-held secrets. The need to clear your name. 


Alara ala Kafta dreams of being a physician one day. Meanwhile, she's stuck as the Queen's personal maidservant, harbouring a feud with the royal caretaker to boot. 


But when the Queen is murdered and the evidence points squarely at her, Alara is forced into a situation she never could have dreamed of. 


In her quest to find vindication, Alara discovers new friends and companions, including a certain tall, brown-eyed wizard who just can't keep out of her way. As she and Alek grow closer, Alara must draw on her inner strength to face the long-held secrets she uncovers. At the end of the day, will she decide whether the new found family she's coming to treasure is worth giving up her old life for?


A Case of Dragons is a tale about finding your identity and your home in the world, even in the unlikliest of places. 


The Castlian Empire Series: A Case of Wizards

The Sequel - Coming Out October 2024
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