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Writing is A Journey

Updated: Feb 14

Writing is a journey. It's an exploration deep into your soul, into those unchartered inner lands that inspire and terrify you in equal measure.

Writing is a wild place, a place where the imagination roams free. Where anything can happen, and the possibilities are endless.

Writing is a discipline. Those days when you choose again and again to sit and create even when your back hurts, or you really don't feel like it, or you believe no one will ever like what you create.

Writing is a joy. When you sit and get into the flow and it's as if time and space and the whole of reality stops and you just exist in this wonderful bizarre transcendental state of being.

Writing is a fight. A battle. Wrestling with language and thought to make the words do as you will. Fighting against your inner demons and laying them out vulnerably for the world to see.

Writing is hope. It is belief incarnate - the act of saying 'this will', 'I can', 'this is what the world could be'. Even when you think perhaps nobody is listening.

Writing is a gift. And I am so grateful to share in it.

Holly xx

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