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Behind the Small Business

Holly is an artist and writer who aims to bring joy to the world through her creativity.

Holly's cosy fantasy stories are brimming with imagination and fun. Her debut novel will be published by Asteria Press in Autumn 2023. 

Holly's illustrations are bright, contemporary designs created with watercolour and ink. She has worked on three children's picture books and several other author commissions, besides releasing her first art collection in Spring 2023. Her style is detailed, vibrant and full of personality.


Holly lives in Greater Manchester with her husband, Tobias. When she is not painting or writing, you can often find her curled up on the sofa with a cosy rom-com or in the library hunting for yet more books to read! She and Tobias love to watch stand-up comedy and go for walks in the reservoirs near their home. 

In December 2021, Holly suffered a mental and physical breakdown that left her unable to sit at a chair or stand for any period of time. She received a diagnosis of PTSD and chronic fatigue, and had to take several months out to rest and recover. During this time she re-discovered her love of painting and writing, hobbies she had always loved as a young child. The flat soon filled up with brightly coloured paintings and reams of notebooks as she started working on gifts for family and friends.

Fast-forward a few months and Holly decided to take the plunge and become a professional author and illustrator. Soon, she was taking on more commissions than she could actually fit in her schedule and had written the first draft of her first novel. 

Today, Holly's small business is thriving. Her first art collection has been a resounding success and her debut novel has been accepted for publication by Asteria Press, an indie fantasy publishing house. Most of all, however, she is grateful to have a creative lifestyle that enables her to do what she really loves. Holly hopes that her joy in her creative work spills over and brings happiness to her customers, clients and followers too. 

You can join Holly's creative journey by subscribing to her free VIP list. Each month you will receive a beautiful newsletter full of photos, articles and book recommendations that keep you up-to-date with all Holly's creative projects. There are also special discounts available for VIP subscribers at various points in the year.

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Join me on my creative journey

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