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If you are looking for a unique, beautiful gift to send to a loved one, there are tea-towels, mugs, calendars and more to explore in my brand new artist's giftshop!

Or, you can treat yourself to a first edition copy of my debut cosy fantasy novel.


Welcome, Friend

I am so glad you are here. I am an illustrator and writer who wants to spread joy through the gift of creativity.This is my online home, where you can find out about my current projects, find some gorgeous gifts and join me in my creative journey.

So, grab a cuppa, make yourself comfortable and dive in!

Holly x

Story of
Holly Moeller Creative

Although I loved creating fantasy worlds and stories for my brothers as a child, I never believed that it would be possible for me to become a 'real life' author one day. I prioritised getting good grades and doing 'sensible' subjects and jobs while my creative writing and art fell by the wayside. 

However, in December 2021, I had a mental and physical breakdown that left me unable to sit up at a chair, let alone walk or continue with my studies. During my road to recovery, I rediscovered my love of creative writing and art. Soon, I had written and illustrated my first children's picture book and was well on the way to writing my first novel.


Inspired by the creative community online, I decided to pursue a career as an artist and writer And so, in September 2022, Holly Moeller Creative was born.


Since then, it has been a wild and wonderful journey. My debut book is going to be published later this year by Asteria Press, and my first art collection launched to resounding success and critical acclaim in an artists' competition. Most importantly, I have never felt happier or more fulfilled. It is a joy to share in this journey with you.  


Current Projects

Autumn 2023

It's been a busy summer, and now is the moment it all reaches fulfilment! 

My new artist's giftshop has launched and my debut novel has been published with Asteria Press! 

Which means that right now, I am focusing on my launch, shipping everything out to my lovely customers, and sharing the joy on social media. 

Looking forward there are some big plans coming up for my small business, but right now I am just savouring the moment! 




A3 Print

"Holly has created a statement piece that is hard to ignore. The print looks fantastic on my wall."

"Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures."

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